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2018 China Liling International Ceramic Expo

This international exhibition is aimed to support the domestic and abroad ceramic brands in their efforts to access global value chains and develop worldwide partnerships and business cooperation.

Dates:Sept. 25th – Oct. 2nd 2018 Open for public: Sep. 30th - Oct. 2nd

Location: Liling, Zhu Zhou City, Hunan Province, China

Exhibition Overview:

671 exhibitors from more than 25 countries

Chinese exhibitors from 252 companies

Hundreds of thousands of merchants and visitors gathered there to deal with their business

The volume of trade on site reached RMB 120 million

The total contract amount was RMB 650 million

During the period (National Day Holidays), Liling hosted 1.045 million tourists with 423 million tourism income

Young visitors who are more attracted by the imaginary and creative ceramic products

Exhibition participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Contact different ceramic brands from all over the world
  • Get a business network covering and expanding international markets
  • Attain a large amount volume of trade on site
  • Win more distributors, purchasers and market shares


Contact: Alice

Phone: +86-15173378201

Tel: +86-731-82252404

Email: alice@longhuiceramic.com

Add: Chengnan Road, Liling, Hunan, China.

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