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How to make ceramic mugs

1. Pug: from the mine to take porcelain stone, the water ground to fine, washing, removing impurities, settling into brick shaped mud. And then mixed with water mud, remove the slag mass, knead by hand, or with their feet trample, the squeezed out of the mud of the air, and the mud moisture uniformity.
2. drawing: a throw mud on the turntable center jigger, with manual flexion and drawn generally like blank.
3. printed blanks: impression appearance is in arc rotation of the ceramic body cut, will dry to semi dry blank cover placed in the impression, even by making a blank wall, and demolding.
4. blank: blank is covered on the jigger barrels, turning the car wheel, cut by a rotary cutter, the blank thickness appropriate, exterior and interior finish. This is a technically demanding procedure.
5. drying: forming billet placed on the gallows drying.
6. carved: bamboo, bone tools or iron in the body is dry or half dry on the portray pattern.
7. glazing: ordinary cyclostomes with dipped in glaze (compact is dipped into the enamel basin, juncture along with a glazed flush immediately offered) or swing glaze (glaze slurry is injected into the blank shaking, make about evenly glazed and rapidly drained excess glaze slurry), Zhuo (relative to the "Circular", "Circular" refers to by casting molding method for round containers, such as bowls, plates, saucers and other. And molding process more complex vessels, such as bottle, respect, pots, cans, etc. is called "Zhuo") or a large circular device by blowing glaze. The bamboo covered yarn, dipped in glaze mouth blown, so repeated several times, billet surface available uniform thickness of glaze layer).
8. the time about a day, the temperature at 1300 degrees celsius. First brick kiln gate, the ignition kiln fuel is pine firewood. The pile technology guidance, measured that looks at the fire Hou, grasps the kiln temperature change, decided the ceasefire.
9. glaze: glaze color such as colorful, pastel, is in have been firing porcelain glaze painted patterns, fill color, red reentry furnace with low temperature baking, temperature of about 700 DEG C - 800 degrees. In addition, before the kiln that in the blank (fetal painting, such as blue, underglaze red and so on is called underglaze red and its characteristics is the color in the high temperature glaze, never fade.


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