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The characteristics of the red porcelain mug

1. Difficult: the technology is difficult
1)  Firing difficult, complex process, usually four times into the furnace: one is the element to burn; the second is glaze firing; three is to braise in soy sauce, burning gold. Every link is not a deviation. Usually case, red porcelain in the firing more pieces to a finished product, product qualified rate is lower, the so-called "ten kiln is not nine". The manufacturing process of harsh and low yield, highlighting the red porcelain scarcity and precious.
2) The formation of hard porcelain. Copper red in 800 degrees to be broken down, in the high temperature of 1450 degrees into China, difficult to.

2. You: your material

Red glaze is now made of baked rare metal tantalum and tantalum is a rare metal is more expensive than gold, and red porcelain gold pattern is with purity cooked on a 99% pure gold, it can be said that the red porcelain with gold firing. China red from the timber reflects the real value of taste and contains the noble art treasures.

3. Good: good ceramic
The firing temperature ceramics are usually divided their advantages and disadvantages. China red under the high temperature of 1450 degrees firing, such as jade, precious foot.
Elegant, meticulous, Bai Run tire as thin as paper, such as chime sound hammer is the true portrayal. Since the day of its birth, red porcelain with its "as thin as paper, through as a mirror, such as chime, white jade" sound, permeability delicate porcelain, is shaped appearance elegant, color surface moist bright and surface characteristics of colorful flowers, the achievements of the white texture and luxurious style, both use and art of dual value, treasures of the collection and gifts for friends. Good red porcelain cup through the State Bureau of technical supervision inspection, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and inferior products not only the quality is not good, easy to burst and produce toxic side effects on the human body. Select the red porcelain cup must choose good quality products.


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