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Material simple ceramic mug, and mugs of mellow, respectively mark the different attitudes of coffee. Kylix: texture rich, deep baking and the taste for strong coffee. China: the most common, can just fine mellow interpretation of coffee. Among them, with high clay, mixed animal bone meal burned into the bone china coffee mug, light texture, color and soft, high density, insulation good, you can make coffee mug more slowly in the lower the temperature, the best performance of the coffee flavor wonderful choice.
 about the coffee mug size coffee mug size, generally divided into three: small mug of coffee 60ml~80ml for used to the taste of pure premium coffee or strong single product coffee, while do almost a mouth to be able to drink, but lingering, mellow flavor, most notably coffee exquisite flavor.
Regular coffee mug (120ml~140ml) - the common coffee mug, usually drink coffee and more choice of such a mug, there is enough space, you can deploy, add milk and sugar. Mug or French Olay special milk coffee mug (more than 300ml) for the added a lot of milk for the coffee, and more like Mocha mug with to accommodate a variety of sweet taste. And the romance of the French, used commonly used coffee with a bowl of milk (Oulei coffee), continued to render an entire morning caper mood.
 coffee mug stress -- the color of the coffee color was clear amber color, for this performance characteristics, the best mug was out white coffee mugs. Although some coffee in the mug painted with a variety of colors, and even Miaoshang detailed patterns, the mug when placed in the very good-looking, but tend to affect by the color of coffee, to distinguish the coffee brewing finish and quality.
 about the coffee mug with tea mug although a mug of black tea and coffee mug easy to confuse, but from the shape, the size to judge the difference of tea mug and a mug of coffee. Black tea mug: in order to make the fragrance of black tea can spread, and to enjoy the color of black tea, black tea mug in general, the bottom of the mug is relatively wide, a wider mug, light transmission is also higher. Coffee mug: the need for coffee in the mug to maintain a certain temperature, so compared with the mug of black tea, coffee mug, the mouth is narrow, the material is thick, light transmission is low.
 coffee mug of exquisite, placed with the temperature mug placement methods: there are two, mug handles on the right is American, mug handles on the left is British. Temperature mug: the use of bone china coffee mug can be used to complete all the warm mug of coffee flavor sealed. The most simple way is to directly into the hot water, or put into the oven to warm in advance. Although just a simple step, is the key to save their coffee. Because, just released the boiling coffee, once poured into the cold mug, the temperature suddenly decreased, the fragrance will be greatly reduced.
 coffee mug stress -- cleaning texture excellent coffee mug, mug noodles closely, pores small, not easy to be attached to coffee scale, after drinking coffee, as long as the rinse immediately with water, that is, to keep the glass clean. 2 long term use of the coffee mug, or failed to immediately rinse after use, so that the coffee scale attached to the surface of the mug, the mug can be put into the lemon juice soak in order to remove the coffee scale. If you can not completely remove the dirt, you can use a neutral detergent, dip in the sponge, gently wipe clean, and finally rinse with water. 3. In the process of cleaning a mug of coffee, do not use hard brush scrub, but also to avoid the use of strong acid, strong alkali cleaning agent, the coffee mug of scratching the surface damage will reduce drinking taste.


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