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Famous ceramic coffee cups all over the world

A covered or collection of European porcelain, there are very few know that the famous British WEDGWOOD. In 1902 President Roosevelt to the White House banquet, in 1935 queen Marie luxury cruise flight, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. In the three century the famous feast, WEDGWOOD with its fine bone china tableware involved by.WEDGWOOD is regarded as the father of the British ceramic Josiah Edgwood was founded in 1759, 1765 by the British royal family use, even by his queen "Queen's pottery" (Queen's Ware) name. At that time, the Russian queen Catharine ordered a full set of nine hundred and fifty-two a milky white pottery group, Wedgwood in each vessel painted with British painting scenery, a total of one thousand two hundred and forty-four images of different painting, make the whole Package with a genuine art. 'practical' has been WEDGWOOD creation main, the ceramic works in-depth family. For life to add many elegant atmosphere.

Royal Doulton founded in 1815. In 1887, founder of JOHNDOULTON son Henry DOULTON won the Queen Victoria granted knighthood, became Britain's first closures ceramist knighthood. In 1901, DOULTON won the Edward VII authorized for the Royal tableware, and began to have the right to use the Royal ROYAL words. Today, ROYAL DOULTON has become the UK's largest bonechina manufacturers. In addition to the Royal DOULTON product itself, ROYALCROWN BERBY, MINTON, Royal Albert and other three major brands belong to the Royal DOULTON's, which royal crown BERBY is the oldest brand, founded in 1748, is one of the first to receive Royal authorization to use the Royal brand trademark. Most British Princess Diane was in favor of the ROYAL ALBERT, the country rose series by the Chinese well-known since 1962 since the production all over the world has more than one hundred million.


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