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How to choose one of your favorite ceramic cup mug

When you on the Internet and search for the words "ceramic mug" will let you in a dilemma, so many cups, which one is your favorite that it? Which one can get you off the show?
Don't worry, first of all, you have to make sure the following points:
One: their own use or to send people; two is: to what people; three is: about what kind of price. Well, with this direction, it is easy to buy. Listen to the following Liling Longhui to you a few strokes:
The first step: you have to correctly judge whether the manufacturer of the products sold the shop, only manufacturers to reflect their true commitment.
The second step: if it's own use, it is recommended that you selected in line with his own personality in the bone or magnesia porcelain ceramic cup, if can also show you the atmosphere, you can also add some elements self interests and personality into it, an exclusive private custom.
The third step: if it is sent to the lover, family, the elderly, it would have to select a lover should is "on the cup, the cup is representative" for a lifetime "; family don't each cup are the same, or is flower is not the same, in order to is to facilitate, respectively, but also conducive to not chaos to take; for the elderly, choose" longevity ", a traditional as well.
The fourth step: the problem is the price, for my own use is generally recommended you choose between 25 to 50 yuan, send a couple of 60-120 between, family or household, optional 30-60 yuan one, old man, optional insulation ceramic cup.
Believe that these small strokes, can let you choose the right baby.


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