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The advantages and characteristics of bone china mugs

The bone china mug has four advantages:

1. Beautiful appearance: fine porcelain is transparent, beautiful and elegant color, surface moist bright, colorful flowers.

2. High grade: produced in the United Kingdom, for a long time is royal and aristocratic special porcelain, is the world's only recognized species of high-grade porcelain, both use and art of dual value, is a symbol of power and status, known as the king of porcelain.
3. Health products: the production of Bone China mainly animal bone, bone porcelain does not contain other porcelain products of lead and cadmium in excess.

4. Process of pure: second firing, complex process, only Britain, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Thailand has a production. 

The bone china mug has three characteristics:

A. will cover glass on the light bulb (of course also to the light is good), light and strong, soft color for the top grade.
B. was milky white, glazed smooth, thin ceramic is of good quality
C. With finger tapping or flicking the porcelain spoon, loud and clear, like a big bell.


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