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Characteristics of ceramic cup

The main raw material of ceramic cup is mud, not rare metal, not waste our life resources, also won't pollute the environment, neither destroy the resources, and non-toxic harmless. Selection of ceramic cup reflects the awareness of environmental protection, the protection of our living environment.
Ceramic cup environmental protection, durable, practical, is the crystallization of soil, water, fire. Natural ingredients, combining nature's power, integrate human science and technology, creating a daily activities in our lives than less, the invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization, is the first human use of natural products, according to their own will, created a swell new things. From the point of view of Hebei Province Yangyuan County Nihewan found in the late Paleolithic pottery in China pottery produced ago has many years of history.

According to the temperature can be divided into
1.Low temperature ceramic cup
Low temperature porcelain firing temperature at 700-900 degrees.
2.Middle temperature ceramic cup
Generally refers to the sintering temperature of 1000 degrees ---1200 degrees of ceramic.
3.High temperature ceramic cup

Sintering temperature higher than 1200 degrees.


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