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Ceramic Mug Classification

According to the structure can be divided into
1 single wall ceramic cup
2 double wall ceramic cup

According to the category can be divided into
1 Mug
The mug is from mug to English mug, refers to a mug with handle. Chinese mug-cup transliterated as "mug".
2 Keep hot insulation mug
3 Heat insultation Cup
4 Coffee cup
Coffee cup is absolutely not a chemical reaction with the coffee, so the active metal is absolutely not a coffee cup (of course, if you want to pursue an alternative flavor), such as aluminum cup. Cup of coffee cup to be thick, the cup is not wide, the cup of coffee, the hot gas condensation, is not easy to quickly cool down, do not affect the taste and taste of coffee.
5 Person office mugs
6 Energy health mugs
Has a weak alkaline, can eliminate the acidic metabolites in the body, eliminate poisonous smoke and alcohol, removing excess fat, regulating acid-base balance in the human body, prevent disease. With small molecules, can improve the microcirculation, the function of catharsis, accelerate the excretion of toxins, promote the The new supersedes the old. Negative potential can eliminate excess free radicals and delay aging. With high oxygen content, can provide the body with oxygen and nutrients needed to enhance the immune system. Contains minerals and trace elements, the proportion of appropriate, easy to absorb, promote health. The negative ions can kill the virus and bacteria in the body fluid, purify the blood, eliminate fatigue, regulate the gastrointestinal system.


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