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What are the Different Types of Coffee Mugs?

Coffee is said to be consumed on a daily basis by 54% percent of the United States adult population. This staggering statistic means that more than half of the adult population needs some sort of mug or cup to drink their coffee in. Coffee mugs serve the purpose.
There are many different materials used to manufacture coffee mugs and each has its following. Common materials for coffee mugs include porcelain, stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Additionally, many shapes and sizes are made to fit the needs of the vast coffee drinking population. The size, material and shape variables create a seemingly endless array of possibilities for coffee drinkers to choose from.
Porcelain coffee mugs do a good job of holding heat, and can be beautifully decorated, making them a suitable choice for use in one's house with guests. However, porcelain is easy to break and these coffee mugs generally do not come with tops to keep the coffee from spilling. When traveling or at work you may want to consider using another type of coffee mug.
Stainless steel and plastic are commonly used together to manufacture hybrid coffee mugs. A stainless steel outer cup lined with plastic is quite common. These mugs have the advantage of lids that sport a drinking spout or hole, making them spill and break-resistant. The lids also trap heat and some coffee mugs of this type are insulated to maintain heat even longer. This type of coffee mug is normally referred to as a traveling cup.
Shape and size of the mug is also important. Most mugs are no smaller than 12 ounces, which is the size of a can of soda, and a standard serving size for beverages. Some coffee mugs are made to accommodate much larger amounts of coffee or tea. Many people drink several servings of coffee per day. Why refill a cup when, instead, you could use a larger mug? Therefore, coffee mugs range in capacity from 12-20 ounces.
The shapes of coffee mugs are also numerous, from the traditional, to the jumbo mug, to the traveling cup, which resembles a tall drinking glass in size and shape. The fit of the handle of your coffee mug should be comfortable and should not create an awkward grip.
Regardless or size, shape or material, coffee mugs made today have your needs in mind. Whether you desire the beauty of a finely made porcelain or glass mug, or the durability of stainless steel and plastic, your needs and the needs of many millions of coffee drinkers are well-met.


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