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The history and development of ceramic full color changing mug

Full color mug is discoloration mug legend (full color mug is a mug except the mug to will not change color outside the body are color), the earliest by the British company development and application of technical patents in Europe and the United States market, in the China market in 2004 by Beijing in an American company to introduce, according to noted the company every year to pay the British company not Philippine market in Europe and the United States patent royalties. 
Full color products technology at the time has been very mature, because of making high light discoloration mug of skilled workers demanding and imported raw materials, so higher prices, although capable of producing full color mug factory no longer rare, but to produce good highlight the entire discoloration mug and the rate of qualified products, must have expensive professional equipment and skilled production workers. 
2006 National Painting high light discoloration mug original electrochromic materials, coloring by Zhejiang estuary coating chemical plant of Zhejiang University jointly developed success to reduce discoloration mug the production cost to a key role and discoloration mug of raw materials in addition to the domestic, as well as in Japan and German products. The price gap between domestic full color mug market from different manufacturers is large, which is caused by various manufacturers discoloration mug qualified factory standard less consistent and different cost of production of raw materials, generally speaking, Asia light discoloration mug of the production process is simple, and the cost is low so cheap because of, due to limited technical level of technicians caused by mug body surface coating of a knot in one's heart, not too smooth adverse goods prices will be cheaper. Other domestic manufacturers to produce the product basically is hearsay or self exploration and reference. In 2004 there were factories in China to stabilize production and export.


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