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Liling Under-glaze Colors Porcelain and Their Advantages

Liling, an eastern Hunan’s county-level city, is bestowed with abundant porcelain clay, which makes it an ideal place for porcelain making. Liling under-glaze colored porcelain has enjoyed a long reputation at home and abroad for its colorful hue, graceful artistic style, exquisite handcraft, diversified varieties and designs.
Started from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), the history of Liling porcelain making has been more than 1,700 years till now. It can be easily distinguished from other kinds of decorative porcelain for its distinct features.
First, it is lead-free and acid-proof. It also can stand wear and tear and will never fade.
Second, colorful yet not vulgar, this is the unique color effect of under-glaze porcelain.
Third, it is seemingly smooth and crystal-clear, bright and clear.
Forth, it is succinct in shape, decoration and pattern and well-structured.

The decoration for Liling under-glaze colored porcelain is not limited to one type and often painted with birds and flowers, landscape, patterns and even calligraphy, with various tactics. The beautiful decoration of such porcelain accounts on splendid use of lines.


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