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Comparison of main producing areas of ceramics in China

1. Liling, Hunan
Main ceramic material : stoneware, porcelain, bone china, new bone china, magnesia porcelain
Main ceramic products : ceramic mug/cup (including promotion mug, personalized mug, advertising mug, hand-printed mug, color glaze mug, ceramic coffee set, ceramic cup&saucer), ceramic plates( especially super high quality plate only for EU and U.S.A market, Chinese Red Porcelain decorative plate), ceramic bowl, ceramic dinnerware sets, ceramic ashtray.
Characteristic: Rich variety, high customized, high quanlity, high trust, small quatity order are welcomed
Main port : Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo

2. Chaozhou, Guangdong
Main ceramic material : porcelain, bone china, new bone china
Main ceramic products : porcelain cup/mug , porcelain tea set , golden printing tea set and dinner set(special shape plate , oval plate etc .)
Characteristic: Special shape and special mould, high quanlity
Main port: Shenzhen, Xiamen

3. Beiliu, Guangxi
Main ceramic material : porcelain
Main products: plate, bowl and dinner set , include 16pcs dinner set , 20pcs dinner set, 48pcs dinner set
Characteristic: middle quality, better than "Henan and Shanxi" , low customized, only accepting the large order .
Main port: Shenzhen

4. Zibao and Linyi, Shangdong
Main products :new bone china
Main products: white porcelain coffee mug
Characteristic: middle quality or low quanlity, cheap price, mainly accepting the large order.
Main port: Qingdao

5. Henan and Shanxi
Main ceramic material : porcelain
Main products: plates, bowls, the tableware class primarily
Characteristic: Poor quality, but very cheap price, suppling low-end market mainly, small factory and only accepting the large order.
Main port: Ningbo, Qingdao

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